I knew it was pakis before I even clicked

From the BBC, hidden away in a regional news section but clicked on by enough readers to make it shows up in the Top Ten Most Read sidebar (the commissars really will have to do something about that):


Judge convicts Leeds ‘cash for crash’ killers

One of the many scams mastered by our new Islamic neighbours is that of swerving and/or braking their car quickly as another comes up behind, engineering a crash, and aggressively demanding a payout. Such devious and dangerous schemes are seen throughout Africa and Asia – and by extension, thanks to mass immigration, Britain.

Muslims constitute less than 5% of the UK population (at the last count, but growing rapidly), so how on earth could I have known the culprits were Pakistanis? The same way I know, when I hear about a stabbing or shooting in London, it’s been carried out by a nigger. (I use the word in the Chris Rock sense, differentiating between niggers and black people. End PC cringe).

In this particular case, an 88 year old English woman was killed; add her to the list of victims of the Brave New World of multiculturalism (see stabbings and shootings above, many of which are mercifully carried out on their own kind).

That would be bad enough, but read on: the judge was forced to issue the guilty verdict without a jury, because the jury were “offered bribes” according the article. And no doubt offered threats as well, which the BBC declines to mention.

“Mr Justice Goss said there was a “concerted attempt” to tamper with the jury.

“Approaches [were] made to five [jurors] after they left court on Tuesday by at least two different people, one female and one or two males, to reach certain verdicts.” ”

Welcome to the Third World.




Trump v Media: A primer

What you need to understand about the media, in fact the entire political-media-financial establishment, is that their number one goal is the undermining and dissolution of the population of the West. The elites at the top want a mass of third world immigrants, half castes, you name it, which they can use to undercut the white middle classes. You can see that happening now at all levels, from Mexicans ruining American tradesmens’ livelihoods, to H1B visas for Indians who will accept half the pay of a white software engineer.

The end vision that they have is of America (and Britain/Europe) as a vast, overpopulated, mixed race slum of antagonistic competing ethnic enclaves, providing a limitless pool of low-paid, unsecure serf labour for them (the elites) to exploit and maintain/increase their wealth.

Trump, Brexit, Le Pen, Geert Wilders and others are opposed to this vision (as are the majority of white people, though many don’t understand what’s in store for them). That is why the mainstream media, which is owned and controlled by the establishment, attacks them relentlessly. It is vital for the establishment that most white middle and working class Western people don’t realise that the elites intend to reduce them to the level of a third world slum. Thanks to their own eyes and paycheques, and the internet, many of us are realising just that, hence the popularity of the aforementioned movements. So the media-political establishment, Hollywood etc, ramps up the pressure and disinformation.

That pretty much sums up everything that’s going on here, and underpins everything you see in the media. It’s why they will never treat Trump fairly and why he is right to treat them as the enemy. They are literally the enemy of Western people.

Mark Steyn gets it

Great article from Mark Steyn (they all are, except perhaps the long ones about 1930s musical theatre, which I must confess to skipping) which shows beyond any shadow of a doubt that he gets it. He was talking up Trump in the summer of 2015, as he shows here, and for the right reasons: people are sick of establishment cucks doing nothing to arrest the decline: jobs going out, illegals coming in; Americans punished mercilessly by the federal bureaucracy for the tiniest infraction, illegals allowed to break laws with impunity.


Steyn is brilliant, and just as importantly, accessible and very funny. I’d recommend his Mark Steyn Show on CRTV (I never pay for anything online, but I ponied up for this). No wonder the BBC got rid of him: people like that are dangerous to their globohomo PC cause of undermining and destroying Western civilisation.

On the subject of illegal lawbreakers, a wonderful first week for president Trump, topped off by his announcement of the plan to defund sanctuary cities. Let’s see how fond voters there are of illegals when the buses stop running.

Libmedia, of course, are focused on their ridiculous manufactured nonsense about the number of people at the inauguration. Firstly, I wouldn’t trust the alleged comparison photo between the Trump and Obama inaugs – they were probably taken at different times, or some other skulduggery was used. Secondly, there were Soros-funded “protesters” blockading the entrances, delaying people.

Lastly, Washington DC is The Swamp. Fewer than 20% of its residents voted for Trump, because they were (rightly) terrified that he would threaten their well-funded comfortable hivemind groupthink libmedia establishment bubble. No surprise they didn’t turn out. Far more relevant (and ignored by libmedia) are the TV ratings, which show how many people were watching throughout the country, not merely on the Mall. They were stratospheric, as with anything involving Trump.

Very exciting times. The libmediapoliticalfinancial establishment is losing its 50-year grip. Their destructive lunacies are being exposed to harsh sunlight from unafraid realtalkers, from Boston to Bremen. There will be a long fight ahead, but now we have a foothold. More importantly, we have the truth.

BBC jumps the shark

The BBC (Blatant Bias Corporation? Buggers Broadcasting Communism?) has moved into the realms of Onionesque parody with its latest hilarious hit-piece against Donald Trump:


John Lewis: Trump slammed for attack on rights icon

This was the head line blaring out from the front page of the BBC website today. For those of us in Britain, John Lewis is a fairly high quality department store. For those in America, John Lewis is a fairly low-quality congressman, whose main (only?) claim to fame is hanging around Martin “I’m fucking for God!” Luther King.

Lewis is a beneficiary of one of the many black inner-city rotten boroughs in America, to the extent that most of the time the Republicans don’t bother fielding a candidate against him. A socialist one-party state, full of penniless serfs, lorded over by a wealthy, powerful, permanent elite: exactly what the  establishment wants for the rest of western civilisation.

From the headline, one might assume that Trump had made an unprovoked, unreasonable attack on Lewis. As usual, one would be wrong.

The real story here, ignored in the headline and relegated to half a sentence in the article (**half** a sentence; not even a whole one) is that Lewis has claimed that Trump is “an illegitimate president”.

This after a free and fair election, followed by recounts which resulted in Trump’s lead widening, to the grand total of 307 Electoral College votes, is a disturbing and disgusting statement. It is an assault upon the Constitution and an irresponsible invitation for unrest. Even parts of the establishment libmedia, realising that there was no way for them to spin their way out of this, have acknowledged as much to an extent (with the usual qualifications and reminders of Lewis’s “heroic” status).

But not the Beeb! They’ve gone full libtard.

The article included no less than six Tweets supporting Lewis (the BBC doing its best to maintain the failing social media platform, following its stock price plummet and haemorrhaging of money and users after it declared war against free speech by banning Milo Yiannopolous and other non-approved media personalities) and not a single one supporting Trump.

Come on. At least make an effort to make an effort to pretend to demonstrate something approaching neutrality.

Or not. Maybe the globohomo establishment media are so arrogant they think that they don’t need to bother with appearances any more.

Given what happened in 2016, that would appear to be a rather foolish folly. Let’s hope they continue with it.

“Atrocity” sur le Metro

A couple of years ago, I logged onto the BBC website (back when I still used to commit such folly on a regular basis) to be greeted by headlines screaming of an ATROCITY COMMITTED ON THE PARIS METRO!

As with many people, my initial reaction was that it had been yet another Muslim attack, perhaps a follow-up to the Charlie Hebdo actual-atrocity, which had occurred just a few weeks previously. Whoever it had been committed by, I clicked on the link to discover the grisly details, such as how many people had been killed, how many severely wounded, and how much property damage had been carried out.

Imagine my surprise when the answers to the above came back as: zero, zero, and zero.

The “atrocity”, which the BBC was reporting with the same prominence and vehemence as the Charlie Hebdo killings, turned out to be that a black man had been prevented from boarding a crowded train by some Chelsea football fans, who were in Paris to watch a match between their team and a Parisian one.

Video shows that the man wasn’t punched or physically injured in any way; he was simply pushed back when he attempted to get on the train.

However, the recording did capture something far worse than mere physical assault; it appeared that some chants had emanated from within the train carriage during the episode (chants from football fans! Whatever next?) and one of them was alleged to have gone something like “We’re racist, we’re racist, we’re racist, and that’s the way we like it, we like it, we like it”.

Obviously, the detail placed the incident on a par with Charlie Hebdo, the 7/7 London bombings, the Paris football suicide bombings which were to happen later that year, the Brussels airport bombing, and many more Islamist attacks which are yet to happen.

Naturally, the BBC coverage reflected this, with the exception that it did not seek to soften or provide excuses for any of the white male heterosexual privileged cisgender terrorists who had committed their act of terroristic terrory terror against this innocent, downtrodden black man. No stories of “cricket-loving”, “frustration about discrimination”, or any of the like here!

The men were hunted down back in Britain, tarred and feathered by the MSM, and barred from every football ground in the country. Meanwhile, the black man, sensing an opportunity, claimed to have been so emotionally distraught at being the victim of this horrific terror attack that he was no longer able to work (wink, wink!) and would therefore need to be supported by unemployment welfare benefits, disability welfare benefits (for his trauma, you see); and of course housing welfare benefits, to give him a comfortable place to live while he recovered from his terrible, scarring injuries, a process which would doubtless take several years.

It now transpires that it was not nearly sufficient for the privilege-terrorists to be tried in the court of mainstream media (MSM) public opinion, oh no! They were also tried in an actual court – and of course found guilty – for the crime of “aggravated violence”.Or, as the BBC put it in its headline, “RACISM”!


The BBC helpfully included the video of the incident, so you can see for yourselves the level of “aggravated violence” to which the “victim” was subject. It seems around the same level of “violence” to which Michelle Fields was subject when she grabbed Donald Trump by the arm after one of his campaign rallies, in a similar leftist media fakestorm.

That is to say, not very much.

The Emperor’s New Clothes lunacy goes on. A man gently blocked from entering a crowded train and chanted at by a few drunk football fans becomes a big MSM story, while the kidnapping and torture of a mentally handicapped white kid by four blacks, who force him to say “Fuck white people” and “fuck Donald Trump” during his ordeal, which included him being cut with knives and recorded for Facebook posterity, is relegated to a minor footnote, with the race of its participants edited out.

You don’t need me to tell you what the MSM reaction would have been had four white Trump supporters kidnapped a mentally disabled black kid, cut him, forced him to say “Fuck black people” and “Fuck Barack Obama”, and filmed it all laughingly for social media.

This obvious, naked hypocrisy is why the MSM will soon no longer be the MSM, but rather a series of failed, ignored, vastly lossmaking newspapers and TV channels, kept alive as vanity projects by liberal billionaires (Bezos WaPo anyone?) if indeed they are kept alive at all.


“Fake news”

And so the left liberal globohomomediapoliticalfinancial establishment hivemind begins another wheeze designed to cut off people’s non=approved sources of information, returning as to the gleeful pre-internet age of completely controlled media.

“Fake news” is what the #vileBBC and the rest are blaming for Donald Trump’s magnificent victory against the entire aforementioned establishment. That is to say, people offering opinions and highlighting facts that the BBC/CNN/etc would prefer not be offered or known.

Migrant sex attacks, for instance. 10 years ago, the establishment hauled BNP leader Nick Griffin up before the courts for “hate speech” (or some other modern day thoughtcrime) for alleging that there were gangs of Muslim immigrant and immigrant-descended men preying sexually upon vulnerable white children. More recently, Doug Saunders, a lieutenant of the Canadian media branch of Globohomo Inc, claimed that lrage scale, organised Islamic sex attacks were an “urban myth”.

I’ll allow you to look up Rotherham and Cologne, among others, if you haven’t already done so.

Most recently of all came the rape and murder of Maria Ladenburger, a teenage German girl. Normally this would inspire in me nothing but sorrow and anger, but I have to admit that the fact that her father is a leading figure in the European Commission – the unelected EU executive which has done so much to break down the ancient defences of our continent against the threat of Islam – has brought about a certain sentiment of schadenfreude.

Will he now at last realise the error of his ways, and turn against his paymasters? Probably not. But others, seeing this tragedy, will add it to many other bricks in the wall.

To return to fake news, there is a push from the usual suspects to only permit “approved” (by whom?) news onto major platforms, most notably Facebook. Unfortunately, (((Zuckerberg))), who already blocks and suspends users for breaching “Community Standards” if they mention politically incorrect topics, and who was overheard speaking with Mutti Merkel about censorship on his site, is not the type who can be trusted to maintain free speech.

Look out for anti-libNarrative sources to dry up in the near future.

Of course, there’s certain fake news which will continue to be propagated. The claim that Russia hacked the election, for instance. There is no proof of it, no proof of manipulation of ballots (indeed the much-vaunted recounts in the blue wall states have led to a greater lead for Trump), and Julian Assange himself said that the DNC leaks didn’t come from the Russians.

And the big one: Hands up don’t shoot. Proven categorically to have been entirely fake, yet still reported upon and alluded to through the globohomonegromedia.

You have been warned.


Or as it’s occasionally known, coal burning, is the act of a white woman having sex with a black man.

If you watch a fair few TV shows, as I do – both for entertainment and to better understand the nature of the enemy – you will have seen a lot of it. Indeed, an extra-terrestrial for whom televisual dramas were the only source of information on Western society would be forgiven for thinking that it is the favoured state of affairs. Given that he (or she, or it: let’s be gender-neutral here) would also believe that approximately half of the population were homosexual, he/she/it might wonder how there were any white people remaining at all.

And therein lies the rub.

Be honest. How many young, slim, attractive, desirable white Western women with high sexual market value do you see with black men who are not rich and/or famous?

Very few.

And yet, on TV, it’s a veritable multicultural orgy. Just off the top of my head, among current TV shows I’ve watched recently, The Americans, Supergirl, 12 Monkeys, Deutschland ’83, Jessica Jones, American Horror Story, Fear the Walking Dead, and Westworld all feature mudsharking by attractive, intelligent, slim white women with non-rich, non-famous black men (we ain’t talking OJ here). There will be many more examples in several more shows.

And let’s not even get into the ads.

Putting aside the annoyance of majority-white viewers who are opposed to mudsharking, this seems to be a commercially-risky venture. Statistics, as well as simple observation, have shown that white women with high SMV and options do not tend toward ordinary black men. Given that these shows are attempting to recreate realism in order to suspend disbelief and sustain viewer interest, quite clearly the portrayal of such a factually inaccurate state of affairs will be a handicap, and cost the show credibility.

So why do the (((producers))) keep putting it in, so to speak?

The answer, of course, is linked to the extra-terrestrial’s view above. It is, in fact, the main thrust of everything that the Western political/media/financial elite has done over the past 50 or 60 years. That effort is to create a vast, rootless, low IQ, miscegenated serf underclass, which the elite can use to maintain its power, wealth and prestige.

Toward that end, a central goal is reducing the number of white people in the West, and increasing the number of non-whites.

There exists the possibility that a homogenous white populace will unite to threaten the ill-gotten power and wealth of the elite, as has happened several times throughout history. Some would say that it is happening right now, with the election of Trump and others like him by a majority of white voters.

It is far less likely that a multiracial populace will unite against its oligarchs. The various groups will spend much of their energies opposing one another, as is the norm in every society in which different ethnicities are forced to share real estate; and furthermore, the lower IQ of third world and third world-descended immigrants makes them easier for the elites to control with TV, social media and other such pap.

Just see the preponderence of fabulously wealthy and corrupt ruling elites throughout the Third World, and the manner in which they control and dominate the penniless serfs that constitute the majority of their national populations. Such dominance and control is what our own elites crave. They don’t care if the serfs look like them; all that matters is that they work for them, for peanuts and without asking questions. Just like in the Third World.

I have no doubt that certain members of the elite would be happy to forcibly sterilise all white men who run a red light or vote for Trump, but luckily we haven’t quite reached that level of societal degeneration yet. They have to be a little smarter about it for the moment. Mass third world immigration is one way to achieve their aim. But miscegenation is a two-fer:white people producing non-white children. Hence the endless promotion and push for it on our screens, regardless of reality.

And why predominantly women, and only attractive ones at that? The opposite situation, of white men with black women (“oil drilling”) is far more scarce on the silver screen; as is that of average, overweight and homely white women – more representative of the norm – with similarly lardy black men.

For the former, we again see the old adage that sperm is cheaper than eggs. A white man can bang a black chick, and still go to produce several more white children with white women. Yet a woman can only get knocked up so many times, and she puts much more of herself into carrying, weaning and raising a baby than does a man. Therefore the great, overriding aim of the establishment – to reduce the number of white people in the West – is better served by targeting white women, rather than white men.

As for the unrealistically attractive white women shown with blacks, this is classic (((Hollywood))) manipulation of the female psyche. Plain, ordinary frumps with low SMV don’t want to watch and identify with people like themselves: they want to aspire, as most women social climbers do, to glamorous women championed and promoted by the media hivemind. They want to look the same, wear the same clothes, and have the same partners as their idols on the screen.

The less positive realities of mudsharking – greater than average chances of single motherhood and physical and drug abuse; the gnawing feeling of having children that look nothing like you, etc – are completely ignored by the establishment (((libmedia))). Unfortunately, many women lack the critical thinking skills to divine these unscreened truths. Hence the necessity for the Alt Right and allied new media to keep plugging away with the shiv of truth and shame, in order to preserve and protect not only individuals involved, but also our society as a whole.

To invert a leftist bleat against them, it’s who we are.