President Donald J. Trump

And so it begins.


For quite some time, I sat in idle frustration watching the media tell me things that just weren’t true.


Third world immigrants pouring into my country, my city and my neighbourhood were unquestionably a good thing.


Free trade, globalisation and outsourcing were a good thing, albeit with minor negative side effects such as the loss of jobs and destruction of communities but never mind because the greater good.


Ethnic solidarity was a wonderful, uplifting and life affirming thing when practiced by non-white people, but when practiced by white people it became something called “hate”.


There was no such thing as race. Except, of course, when bashing white people, and white men in particular (see above). All people were exactly the same apart from skin colour.


Despite the apparent non-existence of race, whenever there was a perceived excess of white people (particularly white men) in any given field, this was a bad thing. Curiously, when the opposite occurred, it was either ignored or championed. An example of this is the NFL: the National Football League for those of you south of the Rio Linda, as Rush Limbaugh would say.


In the NFL, around 20% of quarterbacks are black. For those of you of a non-sporting persuasion, the quarterback is the guy (there are, as of yet, no “gals” in the NFL; something I’m sure many in the media would like to change) who takes the ball at the “snap”, the beginning of each play, and either throws it, hands it off, or occasionally runs himself. It is predominantly acknowledged that the quarterback, or QB, is the most important player in the team.


Another gridiron position is known as cornerback (CB). The cornerback is a defensive player; that is, he enters the field when the other side is in possession of the ball. The cornerback’s job is to track the wide receivers, who are the offensive players to whom the quarterback throws the ball. As such, above all the cornerback must be a fast runner, to keep up with the wide receivers; and physically robust, to bring them down once they have the ball. Currently, 100% of NFL starting cornerbacks are black.


So, 20% of QBs are black, and 100% of CBs are black. Black people make up around 13% of the US population. Which of the two positions has stats which appear most out of sync, and most likely to receive media scrutiny?


Why, the lack of black quarterbacks, of course! If you follow the NFL in the mainstream, establishment media, you will have noticed a constant drip-feed for many years about the supposed “lack” of black QBs, all of which is caused, of course, by “racism”. The fact that blacks are already overrepresented as a percentage of the population (13% to 20%) is never mentioned.


Nor, of course, is the truly glaring statistic: the fact that 13% of the US population make up 100% of starting cornerbacks. Not a peep.


The phrases “Emperor’s New Clothes” and “Elephant in the room” spring to mind.


Beyond the issues of immigration and race, the media tells us that men and women are exactly the same. Indeed, latterly, there is no such thing as “men” or “women”, and we can all be “genderfluid”, regardless of what is (or isn’t) hanging between our legs, or constituting our chromosomes.


Despite this, women apparently do exist in certain areas. Rape, for example, can be carried out by a man against a woman but not vice versa. Furthermore, it can be defined as whatever the woman claims it to be. The idea that many of us have in our minds of “rape” is a woman being physically beaten and forcibly coerced into sex.


Apparently not. According to the media and political establishment, “rape” can now have occurred if a woman changed her mind during intercourse, and her hapless lover failed to check mid-thrust whether she was still au fait with their arrangement. Or, it seems, changed her mind the following day. Or week. Or month.


Remaining on the subject of the fairer sex, the question of “game” arose in the 21 Century media. Men who used “game”, and especially “pick up artists”, were maligned as near-rapists, and the media encouraged men to “be themselves”, and “treat women with honour and respect”. However, I couldn’t help but notice that most of the hotties were hanging off the arms of disrespectful bad boys who played, or indeed gamed, with their emotions, and generally treated them fairly poorly.


All of the above and other discrepancies became more glaring as I made my way through life, with my accumulating experiences being very different to those the media and political establishment set out.


And yet there was almost nowhere that this could be discussed.


Then came Rush.


I don’t live in America, but I began listening to Rush Limbaugh on AFN, the America Armed Forces Network. He was the first major media figure I had ever heard who spoke about some of the huge discrepancies between the establishment, or what he called the “drive-by” media depiction of the world, and the way things actually are.


Unsurprisingly, the drive-bys didn’t like him.


On the aforementioned topic of the NFL, Rush found himself fired from a presenting gig because he criticised as “social concern” the media’s overly generous portrayal of an underperforming black quarterback, Donovan McNabb. Unquestionably, McNabb was not a great QB, and yet the media persistently attempted to put him in the same bracket as white QBs who were consistently better.


For daring even to hint at the underlying reason for this media overrating and favouritism, Limbaugh was cast out of the show.


This was merely one of many instances in which Rush gave a dissenting, and clearly more realistic viewpoint to that portrayed throughout the media, from the BBC to the New York Times to Yahoo News.


Then came the Alt-Right.


I didn’t use Twitter in its early days, but began to look around it a few years ago, while not posting anything myself. Then a couple of years back, I discovered a website called 4Chan from, ironically enough, a BBC documentary. I also began reading Takimag, having been attracted to it by the interesting life of its proprietor, Taki Theodoracopulos.


Taki, who has just turned 80, is a multi-millionaire Greek shipping heir who has led an extraordinary life as a professional tennis player, lover of many beautiful women, karateka, and general bon vivant and social butterfly, not to mention former jailbird, following a year in Pentonville Prison, London, after being caught with a quantity of cocaine on his person at Heathrow airport.


In addition to the above, he has penned a weekly column in the London magazine The Spectator for several decades, in which he writes of his high life (the title of the column), as well as providing a longstanding criticism of the drive-by media. He has been doing this since long before the prominence of the Alt Right, or even Rush Limbaugh. Clearly, there exists in him a sense of noblesse oblige toward the ordinary, beleaguered working people of the West.


From these sources I discovered the famous Through Takimag, I became familiar with John Derbyshire, who came to prominence when he was thrown out of the erstwhile conservative magazine National Review for writing an article pushing back against a complaint by a black writer. The black writer had described giving his children “The Talk”, in which he complained of the ways in which their lives would supposedly be blighted by white people. Derb, as he is colloquially known, responded by writing of “The Talk” given to white children by their parents, in which he listed ways in which their lives could be worsened, or indeed shortened, by black people.


I have been listening to Radio Derb for three or four years now, and it was through these podcasts that I was directed to Chateau Heartiste.


CH has become my most visited website.


His musings on life, women, and more latterly politics, are not for the faint-hearted, but in a world whose media and political systems I had come to see were dominated by lies, cheating and betrayal, his “shiv” of truth is a necessity.


Of course, the reason that his posts have taken a more political bent in the last year has largely been down to one man.


Donald J. Trump.


When I first heard that Trump had announced his candidature for presidency in the summer of 2015, I assumed it was some kind of publicity stunt for his show, The Apprentice. Then I heard his speech, heavily and legitimately criticising illegal immigration, and realised that this was not something to which his establishment producers at NBC would take kindly. Maybe, just maybe, this was for real.


The rest is history.


Trump, opposed by the entire media-political establishment on both sides of the (in reality non-existent) divide, not to mention billionaire donors whose wealth dwarfed his own, fought his way through a crowded Republican field, destroying Low Energy Jeb Bush, Little Marco Rubio, and Lyin Ted Cruz, before taking on the biggest beast of all, Crooked Hillary Clinton.


She was the epitome of the media-political-financial establishment nexus which I have described throughout this post. Institutionalised political correctness; ignoring and actively concealing facts and reality that don’t fit the pre-arranged narrative of “white man bad, minority good”; openly flouting law to allow the repopulation and replacement of the white working class by third worlders, in order to create a pool of serfs from which the elites could draw cheap labour, at the expense of ordinary working Americans; and other forms of hypocrisy and double standards.


In Hillary’s case, of course, there was also her personal corruption – dare I say Crookedness – which had net her and her husband Bill (an actual rapist, as opposed to a feminist gender studies one) some $350m since he left office in 2001, despite never having created a single job or built anything, or indeed done anything of value for anyone other than themselves and their cronies.


Over the past year, I have watched with annoyance, and then frustration, as most of the organs of the media closed ranks and attacked Trump with grotesque unfairness, magnifying any and every perceived misstep on his part, while ignoring or playing down the far greater, literally criminal misdeeds of Clinton.


If it hadn’t been for the Alt Right (as well as a few hardy legacy media souls, such as the redoubtable Sean Hannity) that frustration would have been so much worse. They, together with the inherent truth of Trump’s message, managed to win the day.


And here we sit.


I have decided to start this blog in order to make a contribution, however insignificant, to the Rebel Alliance, led by President Donald J. Trump, and allay some of my frustration at the endless falsehoods and subversion of truth by the media-political-financial axis; or, as it’s sometimes known on the Alt-Right, the Cathedral.


Or is that  (((Synathedral))) ?


I’m just a regular guy with a job. I’m not going to be buying the Washington Post or replacing Megyn Kelly (if only) any time soon. But I can expose liberal media – libmedia – hypocrisy and double standards where I encounter them. And that’s what I intend to do.


As Donald Trump said, and no doubt Pepe the Frog would echo: This is a movement.


Let’s get moving.


Author: presidentdonaldjtrump

Just a regular guy, formerly plugged into the libmedia hivemind matrix, who has taken the Red Pill. This blog, inspired by the victory of Donald J. Trump against the entire media-political-financial establishment, has been started to highlight the hypocrisy and double standards of the establishment, and to examine their underlying motivations and long term goals.

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