Thoughts on the desert kingdom

Having spent a fair amount of time working in Saudi Arabia, I’ve been struck by its relevance to various themes on the Alt Right, Manosphere, libmedia hypocrisy, etc.

First of all, I can tell you, it’s a crazy place. They really do shut down the entire country for prayers five times a day. Restaurants really do have an apartheid-style “Single Men” section, completely separate, even including different entrances, from the “Family” area. There really is a highly visible religious police force, which struts around shopping malls and other public places enforcing all of the above, and ensuring that women are properly covered, and checking the IDs of men and women who are together. If they aren’t married or blood relatives, it’s off to the cells and the lash (and I ain’t talking booze, which is, of course, banned).

90% of the Saudi women walk round in full ninja outfits – all in black, with the little slit to see through – and as a foreign man, you are highly unlikely ever to so much as speak with one, let alone do anything more. The same is true of regular unmarried young Saudis without connections, which may explain why so many of them head north to fight for Daesh and bag themselves a couple of sex slaves.

Fortunately for the sanity of single Western men, there are plenty of young foreign females in the country, predominantly nurses of the cute young Filipina variety. Some of them are treated like prisoners, but generally those working for bigger hospitals are allowed out at weekends.

A Tinder date here, A Tagged match there, and before you know it they’re round at my compound. Yes, compound; not, not exclusively mine. Foreigners with better jobs are given accommodation in large, rather luxurious compounds, which are surrounded by vast walls and armed guards since one of the was attacked, with many casualties, in the early 2000s.

In these places, the normal rules of Saudi life do not apply. Women and men can mix openly, wearing whatever they like (in a pleasing twist, women are often banned from wearing the Islamic hijab headscarf), there are no prayer closures, and plenty of homebrew and parties of varying quality.

But what does all this have to do with Pepe, Roosh and the drive-bys?

Well, as an aside, it’s another brick in the vast wall of hypocrisy that is Crooked Hillary Clinton. She and her very, very good friend Huma are bosom buddies with the Saudis, taking their oil millions and turning a blind eye to the fact that women are essentially chattel, prevented by law from driving, and unable to work, go to school, leave the country or do pretty much anything without the written consent of their husband or father. Or, in the case they have neither, another male relative, right down to an infant son.

However, what is really interesting is the immigration policy.

It’s said that Saudi’s wealth comes from oil. That is only partly true. Another major source is their exploitation of migrant labour.

I mentioned previously the vast – and vastly appreciated – preponderence of Filipina nurses. The idea of Saudi women working in this manner would be unthinkable – “a Saudi woman is a pot of gold”, I was told on more than one occasion.

Saudi men don’t do a great deal more. Hence the huge number of migrants of various nationalities: Pakistani drivers, Indian clerks, Bangladeshi streetsweepers, Filipino mechanics, and many more.

There is intense racial stratification in the country. White people are treated much better than Asians. On my very first day, as I was standing in the arrivals hall of the airport waiting for my company driver to show up, I was surrounded by a huge gaggle of Bengalis. A security guard came over and began roughly shooing them out of the way, but left me completely alone. The same was true of the religious police, who often made Asians in shopping malls move away from Saudi women, but ignored my proximity to their pots of gold.

Shitlibs, as Heartiste enjoyably terms those still attached to the libmedia hivemind matrix, will be tearing up by now: well, don’t expect your politicians to do anything about it (see Crooked Hillary). But, in harsh realpolitik terms, the Saudis are beating us hands down.

Foreign workers are used to benefit the Saudi economy for as long as they are required, be that 3 weeks or 30 years; they are then thanked and put on a plane home. No government welfare benefits of any kind are provided to unemployed foreigners. Once you are found to be in the country illegally, you will be deported within days, with no possible appeal. The only cause of delay may be if you are liable to pay a fine, in which case you will be held in immigration detention until it is paid, or until you have served a certain period of time.

In 2013, the authorities instigated a huge round-up of work visa overstayers and people who had come in fraudulently for the Islamic Haj (Saudi does not issue tourist visas) and deported over a million of them. For a country of 25 million people, this was a big operation.

It doesn’t matter how long you have lived in Saudi Arabia, or even if you were born there. You will not be granted Saudi citizenship – and the fairly generous benefits therein – unless your father is a Saudi citizen. End of story.

Compare this to the West.

Any featherless biped who walks, swims, sails or flies across our borders without a visa merely has to utter the word “asylum” and his or her presence is guaranteed in the country for years to come, if not forever.

Illegals and “asylum-seekers” are rarely detained, and simply permitted to go free into our societies. They are provided with housing, heath care and welfare benefits. If and when their case ever comes to court, they are provided with a legal aid lawyer. If they lose the case, they can appeal several times, all of which drags on for many years. When they lose the “final” appeal, they are not taken into custody, and can simply vanish. They are provided with interpreters for all dealings with the authorities. If they have children, the children are provided with free education; in reality, this allows them to claim they have a “stable family life”, which invariably precludes their deportation.

Having stayed in the country for a certain amount of time, in Europe at least, they are entitled to citizenship. If they can have an anchor baby, it gets birthright citizenship, which gives their legal aid lawyer another reason to plead for them to stay.

And the costs of all of this? They, of course, are borne by the taxpayer.

This is just the illegals. There was a bravely-documented recent case in the British media, of a “French” citizen (actually from Cameroon) who showed up in Britain perfectly legally with his entire vast brood, and racked up a bill approaching a million quid in welfare for himself, his wife and his seven children: house, health, education, money for clothes, food, TVs, Playstations, phones, transport…..and of course an education grant for himself. You see, he didn’t have a job, or even a skill: he was in “training” to become a psychiatric nurse. Salary £20,000, of which he might eventually pay £5000 in tax. So, an outlay of over a million, for a return of a few thousand.

Compare this to Saudi Arabia. If they need a psychiatric nurse, they will recruit a qualified one from abroad, fly him in – probably on a single visa without his family – pay him the agreed salary – much less than £20,000 if he is from Cameroon – and when he is no longer required, fly him back home again. The Saudi system extracts greater value from the employee, and at perhaps 1% of the total cost to the British “system”. No wonder we are billions in debt.

On the subject of citizenship, children of Saudi women with non-Saudi fathers are not granted Saudi citizenship, even if born in Saudi. This creates the awkward situation of a kid reaching the age of 18 and being told he is persona non grata in the only place he has ever called home. Tough break. But a connoisseur of the Manosphere would see the logic behind it.

RooshV is the well-known activist and founder of the prominent site I knew Roosh was onto something when he became the subject of a drive-by media two-minutes-hate for his plan to organise worldwide meetups between like-minded, “redpilled” men. “Redpill” is a reference from the movie “The Matrix”, which refers to those who have decided to look beyond the pretty lies of the libmedia hivemind.

Roosh has written of the problems inherent to a society which fails to place any sexual restrictions whatsoever on its women. When they are able, and indeed encouraged to go out slutting it up, or “riding the cock carousel”, as he delicately puts it, the result is a generation of entitled snowflakes who think they are Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, waiting for a tall, good-looking, multi-millionaire Alpha Male to sweep them off their feet. A Donald Trump, in fact, not that many of them would admit it.

Most men aren’t up to those standards.

In times of greater sexual restraint, women would be paired off with men of similar status, looks, and sexual market value. Now, however, they don’t want to settle for anything less than Leo, so they spend their prime childbearing years on an invariable futile quest round the nightspots of Manhattan for just that. When they fail, they become bitter. Do men prefer chewed-up 30somethings with a three-figure cock count and the wrinkles beginning to show, or doe-eyed 20 year old ingenues to whom they can teach exciting new tricks in the bedroom?

The answer is clear. And so the vast majority of non-Alpha men are left with ageing, bitter sluts. They don’t like each other; they don’t excite each other; they are both settling. Hence unhappiness, divorce, fatherless children, and further societal problems thus caused.

Saudi Arabia, I think, goes too far in the opposite direction. The fact that women in Saudi are so completely restricted is causing problems of a different kind, with men becoming so frustrated that they turn to Islamic extremism in the search for sex slaves; or alternatively to drugs and buggery out of frustrated boredom.

However, there is undoubtedly something to be said for finding a middle path between encouraging teenage girls to engage in empowering bukkake sessions on the one hand, and forcing them to walk round dressed as postboxes watched over by wild-eyed religious lunatics on the other.

It may be that Russia has found that middle path, with freedom tempered by growing cultural conservatism. That might explain why the libmedia hivemind is so ferociously opposed to Putin, while strangely tolerant of the far more despotic Chinese Communists. Can’t have white people figuring out another way to do things, can we?

As for the Saudis, for all their current oil price woes, I think that their closed system of exploiting foreign labour and focusing the national wealth on the established citizenry will ensure stability for their society for longer than the open borders/handout free-for-all in Europe and, until Donald Trump’s election, in the USA. If I had to place a bet on which of Saudi Arabia and Germany were more likely to exist in their current form in fifty years, my money would be on Fahad, not Fritz.

Indeed, by then, Fahad may be the more common name in both localities.



Author: presidentdonaldjtrump

Just a regular guy, formerly plugged into the libmedia hivemind matrix, who has taken the Red Pill. This blog, inspired by the victory of Donald J. Trump against the entire media-political-financial establishment, has been started to highlight the hypocrisy and double standards of the establishment, and to examine their underlying motivations and long term goals.

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