What do they want?

tl;dr – they (elites) want open borders oneworldgov which can never be voted out of office, in order to create a vast market of serf labour which they can use to enrich themselves by paying peanuts wages and selling distracting tat.



The big question.

Why are they doing what they are doing?

I’ll assume that, if you’ve got to this point, you’ve accepted the existence of a media-political-financial “establishment”, “elite”, “(((elite)))”, “Cathedral”, whatever you want to call it, which has pretty much called the shots in the West this past half century.

The political wing has pushed, the media wing has glorified, and the financial wing has funded: mass third world immigration; integration of ethnic communities; globalisation and elimination of trade barriers

Needless to say, the same wings have blocked, demonised, and defunded anyone who has opposed these issues.

But why?

These things do not help the majority of people in the West. Most people do not want large numbers of third world immigrants. Their culture is entirely different, most particularly with Muslims, as is well documented; but also with blacks, whose greater propensity for violence and lower average IQ is a clear truth ferociously shielded by the elite (see Mearsheimer and Walt, Dr James Watson, et al.)

Globalisation doesn’t help most people in the West, either. This can be seen by the rust belt in America, and the shuttered shipyards and mines in Britain, whose production has moved to China or Mexico where workers can be paid a tiny fraction of the good salaries on which American and British men could comfortably raise families in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

They do, however, help the people at the very top.

Mass immigration increases the labour supply. As basic students of economics will know, an increase in the supply of something leads to a decrease in its price. The price of labour is wages. Therefore, wages will fall. Not the wages of the people at the top of society, of course; the elite themselves, the banking CEOs, high-priced lawyers, cuckservative politicos, etc. Their positions will not be threatened by shipping in a boatload of Bantus, the vast majority of whom would be genetically incapable of mastering the mental machinations required in said fields.

The wages under threat are those of manual labourers: auto workers, shipbuilders; tradesmen. The kind of jobs that most people do. Or used to do.

The owners of these operations, and the cronies whom they fund, are funded by, and generally swish champagne flutes of elite money around with (see aforementioned bankers, politicos, lawyers, media) are therefore delighted with mass immigration. They can pay workers less, and break unions.

What’s more, the Bantus/Afghans/whoever will be happy to do these jobs for a fraction of the salary westerners used to get, because it’s still a lot more than they would earn back home.

I touched on this in the earlier Saudi post. The Saudis have exploited this to pay low wages to third worlders, but on a temporary basis, and ensuring a large proportion of the dividend is used to benefit ordinary Saudi citizens. We suckers in the West have allowed our elites to give away citizenship, one of our most valuable possessions, to these immigrants (with the media wing and its shrieks of “raaaaaacist” one of the prime weapons in our acquiescence), and give ordinary people nothing in return. Quite the contrary.

That’s the immigration. What about globalisation?

Similar reasons: to enrich the elite.

If they can increase their market, they will sell more, and make more money. Even better, if they can base their facilities anywhere in the world, they can reduce costs even more, and make more profit. To do this, they need to ensue that there are no tariffs and other trade barriers. Hence NAFTA, the EU, and the like, which were sold to people on the basis that “free trade increases overall wealth”.

Well, maybe it does. But it increases far more the proportion of the wealth which goes to the elites. They don’t give a flying fuck about workers in Scranton or Sheffield who have been thrown out of a job because their factory has moved to somewhere the owners can scrimp on safety and pay the workers a plate of beans a day. They care similarly little that these workers are now reduced to minimum wage serfjobs in Dollar General or Poundland, or that they can’t afford to move their families out of their area which is rapidly being turned to shit by an influx of Somali, Afghan or Mexican immigrants, with the attendant social problems (place your bets on what happens first: their kids are raped, hooked on heroin, or beaten for insulting allah).

They’re not thinking about any of that, as the money rolls in.

Many of (((them))) are indeed Eskimo. Ahem. (Jewish, for newbies). Whether the entire process is completely kosher-fuelled is an ongoing debate. Many of them are not. Some might describe the latter as traitors. Some might say they simply don’t care: they don’t feel any kinship with the working classes, regardless of whether they share a background with them. They would be just as happy ruling over a working class of white Anglo serfs named John Smith as they would a working (or indeed non-working) class of mystery meat mud named Juan Salim Mohammed.

Indeed, the latter might be better for them. A homogenous working class, with people of similar background and values, is more likely to unify against them. A Tower of Babel of hostile ethnic enclaves, ever divided, will not. As long as they can be kept distracted by various pieces of tat, televised and otherwise, sold to them by you-know-who, they will not be able to unify to a degree that will allow serious opposition to the open borders globalisation project.

This can be seen in the Trump election stats. A large majority of whites voted for him. The vast majority of muds did not. (Particularly amusing stat: only 4% of black women voted Trump. “Sha’niqu’a gon’ be mad as sheeeeeeeit”)

That is why it was so important for him to be elected now. After another decade of relentless third world immigration, the numbers may have made it impossible for America to be anything but a melee of serfs, serving Zuckerberg et al. Which is exactly what they want.

Now we have a chance to reassert ourselves. Trump, Brexit, and with any luck a Freedom Party victory in Austria in December. 2016 is the year we begin to take back our civilisation.




Author: presidentdonaldjtrump

Just a regular guy, formerly plugged into the libmedia hivemind matrix, who has taken the Red Pill. This blog, inspired by the victory of Donald J. Trump against the entire media-political-financial establishment, has been started to highlight the hypocrisy and double standards of the establishment, and to examine their underlying motivations and long term goals.

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