Heard the one about the Google, the Skype, and the Bindi?

BBCWatch latest: “Some MPs ready to vote against triggering Brexit”


“Former Labour minister David Lammy and shadow transport minister Daniel Zeichner have said they would oppose Article 50. Opposition whip Thangam Debbonaire said she would also vote against it, if a vote were held imminently.”

David Lammy lammy

(((Daniel Zeichner))), whose father “fled Austria in the 1930s” etc etc. And check the hooter for Christ’s (ahem) sake zeichner

Thangam Debbonaire, whose father was both Tamil and unable to spell


So, we have a Google, a Skype, and a Bindi, all put into power via the corrupt and co-opted selection process of the establishment political parties, conspiring to undermine the will of the British people. And the BBC, of course, covering it positively.

And here, the BBC complaining about Facebook’s role in Trump’s victory (yes, seriously!)


“That’s where the idea of a filter bubble comes into play – those inclined to vote for Mr Trump will only see stories that reflect their view of the world and the same will apply to those of a liberal mindset.”

“The News Feed algorithm serves you up whatever it thinks you and your friends want to believe and it certainly does not do any fact-checking.”

“For a Trump campaign that saw much of the mainstream media as hostile and biased, both Facebook and Twitter offered a powerful way of getting its message direct to voters unchallenged by any pesky journalists.”

And the killer line: “there are few signs that the company is ready to face up to this heavy responsibility or engage in some serious soul-searching.”

Putting aside the obvious fact that (((Zuckerberg))) is a renowned shitlib, notorious for shutting down free speech on Facebook such as that regarding crimes – particularly rapes – committed by illegals under its Orwellian “Community Standards”, would the BBC be talking about Facebook’s “heavy responsibility” or “soul searching” if its news feed had led to a Hillary victory?

Would it fuck.

To boil it down, the BBC is demanding that libmedia bile be forced down everyone’s throat on Facebook and other social media. Kind of like things used to be in the good old, bad old days of controlled legacy media (TV, radio, newspapers) when “pesky journalists” – and their handlers – controlled all access to information.

Lastly, the BBC bleats that “a black child is 12 times less likely to become PM”


They mean Prime Minister of Britain, of course. It’s rather more likely than the possibility of a white child becoming President of South Africa, or Pakistan. But don’t hold your breath for a BBC expose about horrific racism inherent in the political structure of those countries. Or indeed any non-white ones.



Author: presidentdonaldjtrump

Just a regular guy, formerly plugged into the libmedia hivemind matrix, who has taken the Red Pill. This blog, inspired by the victory of Donald J. Trump against the entire media-political-financial establishment, has been started to highlight the hypocrisy and double standards of the establishment, and to examine their underlying motivations and long term goals.

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