The Grand Tour

Just finished watching episode 1 of The Grand Tour, the new Jeremy Clarkson motoring show on Amazon Prime. I signed up especially for it, and it wasn’t a mistake – the show had all the magic of Top Gear, boosted by a bigger budget.

If you aren’t aware of the Clarkson/Top Gear saga, Jeremy Clarkson is a well-known media figure in Britain; and indeed around the world, thanks to global syndication of his hugely popular motoring show, Top Gear.

I say motoring show; in fact, it is much more than that, centering around Clarkson and his two fellow middle-aged white co-presenters, Richard Hammond and James May, discussing cars and exchanging banter with each other on set; inviting celebrities to drive a car around the track and then exchanging banter with them; travelling all over to perform silly races and other daft vehicle-related stunts and then – or indeed, simultaneously – exchanging banter with each other; you get the picture.

The show had stratospheric ratings, and earned the BBC – the network on which it aired – a vast amount of money as it was bought by countless foreign TV networks. So surely its creator and star would have been a hero at the BBC, right?


Clarkson spent virtually his entire 13-year run with the show under attack from his superiors at the BBC. They didn’t care about his vast ratings and foreign earnings. Partly because the BBC is funded by a mandatory tax on anyone in the UK who owns a TV, so its executives large salaries are guaranteed regardless of the performance of its shows. But more importantly than that, it was because Clarkson did not and does not conform to the BBC’s left-wing Social Justice Agenda.

The BBC’s left-leaning political bias is well known and well documented, most particularly on the subjects of immigration and race, where it serves as a central pillar of the ongoing effort to replace the British people with a vast swarm of third-world serfs, to be paid minimum-wage by their media-political-financial-corporate overlords.

Anyone who dares dissent from the ongoing invasion – most latterly by complaining that the so-called migrant “children” permitted entry into Britain from the Calais Jungle camp on the basis of their supposed age, were in fact grown men with crows’ feet – risks the wrath of the BBC’s amply-funded, multiple-platform cannons of political correctness.

Given that Clarkson and his two co-stars are all white, straight, middle-aged men who occasionally used politically incorrect (but invariably funny) humour as part of the show, they were always on a hiding to nothing: the BBC couldn’t allow normal men to see and identify with people like them, without going through the prism of political correctness first.

And so there was a manufactured controversy every year or so, over some innocent comedic remark that Clarkson made. When mocking Mexicans, he claimed that their diet consisted of “refried sick”; he heavily criticised the Ferrari F430 Speciale by suggesting its name be changed to “Speciale Needs” (British slang for retards); he claimed, obviously in jest, that striking public sector workers “should be shot”; and worst of all, he was captured on camera almost saying the word “nigger”, when he recited the nursery rhyme: “Eeny meeny miney mo, catch a nigger by the toe”. In fact, he dipped his voice when saying “nigger”, so the word was inaudible. But still, it was enough for the BBC to head up the lynch mob. A lynch mob consisting of no normal people, just the well-paid politically correct commissars of that organisation.

In the end, Clarkson was eventually fired for a “fracas” involving a show producer’s failure to provide food for the presenters after a long day of filming. The incident was not caught on camera, but there was apparently a bit of handbags, as they say; some pushing or shoving, but no injury of any severity. The fact that the producer involved later went to hospital despite all witnesses stating that he was not injured in the slightest, suggests a level of skulduggery and pre-planning.

One incident in particular, however, gives us a brief glimpse behind the curtain to show the manner in which a (((certain group))) exercises vice-like control over what is seen on our television screens.

Didier Drogba is an African footballer from the Ivory Coast, and was a star player at Clarkson’s favourite football team, Chelsea. (((Danny Cohen))) is a media executive from Skypia, who was at the time the Controller of BBC One, Clarkson’s channel. (Cohen left the BBC soon after Clarkson’s sacking, having completed his task).

Clarkson owns a black dog, which he had named “Didier Dogba” in comic tribute to his team’s player. I include a link explaining what happened next (apologies for the HuffPo link, but if even a far-left site reports it there can be no doubting its veracity)

Yes, the controller of BBC One hauled Clarkson into his office and wasted his time to threaten him over naming his black dog after a black footballer.

This lunacy was part of the ongoing Skype assault from all sides, intended to harass, bully, threaten and intimidate Clarkson – the only significant figure on the BBC who was not a politically correct, pro-immigration cultural Marxist – into leaving.

In the end, it didn’t work: Clarkson didn’t leave, and had to be fired over some trumped-up, likely pre-planned nothing.

The only reason this dog/Cohen incident is in the public eye is because Clarkson himself raised it in his column for The Sun newspaper. Cohen no doubt hissed with anger upon reading it; his type prefer to stay unseen, manipulating, threatening, pressurising and pulling strings from behind the scenes in order to mould mass media to the messages they want to put out. And we know what those are.

How many more instances must there have been in the corridors of media power, in which the Skypocracy and their shabbas goyim conspired to destroy another ordinary, plain-speaking white man such as Clarkson; or more likely, prevent him from ever gaining a platform in the first place.

Thank goodness for the internet. And thank goodness for Donald Trump.

NB The show Top Gear was brought back without any of the three original presenters (Hammond and May commendably refused the BBC’s offer to stay, and left with Clarkson for Amazon Prime). Its new presenting team included multiple ethnic minorities and women. It was a critical and ratings failure, and its lead presenter quit before the end of the season.

Sometimes there are happy endings. Just like Trump and Brexit. We are winning.




Author: presidentdonaldjtrump

Just a regular guy, formerly plugged into the libmedia hivemind matrix, who has taken the Red Pill. This blog, inspired by the victory of Donald J. Trump against the entire media-political-financial establishment, has been started to highlight the hypocrisy and double standards of the establishment, and to examine their underlying motivations and long term goals.

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