BBC jumps the shark

The BBC (Blatant Bias Corporation? Buggers Broadcasting Communism?) has moved into the realms of Onionesque parody with its latest hilarious hit-piece against Donald Trump:

John Lewis: Trump slammed for attack on rights icon

This was the head line blaring out from the front page of the BBC website today. For those of us in Britain, John Lewis is a fairly high quality department store. For those in America, John Lewis is a fairly low-quality congressman, whose main (only?) claim to fame is hanging around Martin “I’m fucking for God!” Luther King.

Lewis is a beneficiary of one of the many black inner-city rotten boroughs in America, to the extent that most of the time the Republicans don’t bother fielding a candidate against him. A socialist one-party state, full of penniless serfs, lorded over by a wealthy, powerful, permanent elite: exactly what the  establishment wants for the rest of western civilisation.

From the headline, one might assume that Trump had made an unprovoked, unreasonable attack on Lewis. As usual, one would be wrong.

The real story here, ignored in the headline and relegated to half a sentence in the article (**half** a sentence; not even a whole one) is that Lewis has claimed that Trump is “an illegitimate president”.

This after a free and fair election, followed by recounts which resulted in Trump’s lead widening, to the grand total of 307 Electoral College votes, is a disturbing and disgusting statement. It is an assault upon the Constitution and an irresponsible invitation for unrest. Even parts of the establishment libmedia, realising that there was no way for them to spin their way out of this, have acknowledged as much to an extent (with the usual qualifications and reminders of Lewis’s “heroic” status).

But not the Beeb! They’ve gone full libtard.

The article included no less than six Tweets supporting Lewis (the BBC doing its best to maintain the failing social media platform, following its stock price plummet and haemorrhaging of money and users after it declared war against free speech by banning Milo Yiannopolous and other non-approved media personalities) and not a single one supporting Trump.

Come on. At least make an effort to make an effort to pretend to demonstrate something approaching neutrality.

Or not. Maybe the globohomo establishment media are so arrogant they think that they don’t need to bother with appearances any more.

Given what happened in 2016, that would appear to be a rather foolish folly. Let’s hope they continue with it.


Author: presidentdonaldjtrump

Just a regular guy, formerly plugged into the libmedia hivemind matrix, who has taken the Red Pill. This blog, inspired by the victory of Donald J. Trump against the entire media-political-financial establishment, has been started to highlight the hypocrisy and double standards of the establishment, and to examine their underlying motivations and long term goals.

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