I knew it was pakis before I even clicked

From the BBC, hidden away in a regional news section but clicked on by enough readers to make it shows up in the Top Ten Most Read sidebar (the commissars really will have to do something about that):


Judge convicts Leeds ‘cash for crash’ killers

One of the many scams mastered by our new Islamic neighbours is that of swerving and/or braking their car quickly as another comes up behind, engineering a crash, and aggressively demanding a payout. Such devious and dangerous schemes are seen throughout Africa and Asia – and by extension, thanks to mass immigration, Britain.

Muslims constitute less than 5% of the UK population (at the last count, but growing rapidly), so how on earth could I have known the culprits were Pakistanis? The same way I know, when I hear about a stabbing or shooting in London, it’s been carried out by a nigger. (I use the word in the Chris Rock sense, differentiating between niggers and black people. End PC cringe).

In this particular case, an 88 year old English woman was killed; add her to the list of victims of the Brave New World of multiculturalism (see stabbings and shootings above, many of which are mercifully carried out on their own kind).

That would be bad enough, but read on: the judge was forced to issue the guilty verdict without a jury, because the jury were “offered bribes” according the article. And no doubt offered threats as well, which the BBC declines to mention.

“Mr Justice Goss said there was a “concerted attempt” to tamper with the jury.

“Approaches [were] made to five [jurors] after they left court on Tuesday by at least two different people, one female and one or two males, to reach certain verdicts.” ”

Welcome to the Third World.




Author: presidentdonaldjtrump

Just a regular guy, formerly plugged into the libmedia hivemind matrix, who has taken the Red Pill. This blog, inspired by the victory of Donald J. Trump against the entire media-political-financial establishment, has been started to highlight the hypocrisy and double standards of the establishment, and to examine their underlying motivations and long term goals.

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